So I guess you clicked on the 'About' tab for some reason? 

Hello there, as the above heading implies I'm rather surprised you (the reader) have ventured into the about section.

Anyway my names Callum O'Neill and I have so many emotions and feelings in regards to films, it's been a consistent trend throughout my life ever since I saw my first film in the cinema in the year 2003, 'Finding Nemo' more like finding a deep and forever love for film!


I'm a student currently studying English and History in NUI Galway so I have a passion for writing as well so I decided to combine the two and use this blog type thing as an avenue to talk about films that I've recently finished watching.

I'll also discuss/rant about films I love and films I hate, explaining my own personal opinions and values, some deeply bold and controversial opinions will be penned here, so you know... buckle up and you'll find me here as soon as those credits roll!

There's Film reviews, Film discussion and other stuff, so come on down to Roll the Credits film blog!