Ted Lasso: The Ambrosia In the Apple TV Orchard.

I figured I would try something new, something different, shakes things up a bit here in the bargain bin. I am going to talk about a television program and not just any television program but a streaming service show. It is not one of the streaming services you may be thinking, of course if you have read the title, you have figured out it is

Apple TV…

Now despite Apple being one of the biggest companies in this disgustingly oversaturated capitalist pantheon that we all call home, its streaming services is not exactly the first to take our shine when we find all the usual suspects lined up in a neat little row. Eyes immediately drift towards the juggernaut that is Netflix and lasting glances dance towards the new sleek looking Disney plus that just rolled into town, and of course more than a few teasing winks are thrown towards Amazon Prime. But poor old Apple TV is cast aside.

To this I call nonsense! I just want to clarify this is not a paid promotion or anything, I just want to talk about something I thoroughly enjoyed that being the TV show called ‘Ted Lasso’ which can be found within the sparsely populated orchard that is Apple TV, there may not be many fruits upon the branches but this one, this one has a particular shine to it.

So, what is it? Why should we care about Ted Lasso? Those are just the right questions to ask! Ted Lasso follows the story the of the man himself Ted Lasso, he was a semi successful American Football coach who has been hired to coach the premiere league football team AFC Richmond, but get this here is the kicker, he has never had any prior experience within the realm of football not when it comes to the way they play it across the pond anyway. I am sure you see where this going, shenanigans and hijinks ensue and believe me they ensue aplenty.

I am going to be honest with you here, let us all take a knee together, call a time out and all get involved in one of those snug looking team huddles. I have never been the biggest fan of sports. Any kind of sport really, it is just never jelled with me, but strangely enough I am an absolute sucker for a good sports film. The typical tale of an underdog team that is down on their luck, but they rally together and come out the better and learn some lessons along the way, there is just something about that. The heart, the spirit, the sense of teamwork and the bonds forged upon the way. And this is exactly what this show has in spades.

Ted Lasso is a fish out of water, he hasn’t a clue about how to coach this type of football, but he dives in all the same and gives it his best shot. His enthusiasm and kindness it is nothing short of infectious as he spews out some nonsense anecdotes in that slow southern drawl accent, his perfectly trimmed moustache and slicked back hair it is hard not to fall for his charms and temperament. That is all down to Jason Sudeikis and the way he plays the coach; he truly shines through and embodies this beacon of joy and just all-around goodness.

Overall, this show is just so perfectly written every single one of the characters has some sort of an arc they undergo, be it big or small they all learn or experience something within the ten-episode life span of this series and let me just tell you, that is a beautiful thing. To see active change within the character I took the time to get invested in. The dialogue throughout truly is superb as well there is some incredible jokes and little bits peppered throughout. The characters are simply great! You come to love them and even the ones you do not like you still kind of do like them a little bit, just a smidge, because they are written so well! Except Rupert he’s just a prick.

I just really liked this show, it’s delightful and utterly heartwarming in places and it stuck with me long after I finished each episode. The heart it extrudes is overwhelming in the best kind of way. If you have been turning your nose up at this streaming service like many others have, I would say it is time to open your eyes and smell the apple pie because Ted Lasso is out there waiting to win your heart and charm you into a big dumb grin, I will hold my hands up and admit it freely, Ted Lasso certainly lassoed my heart and I for one cannot wait for him to do it again in season two.